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Woman Marine Memoirs
Grab a cup of coffee and prepare to take a
narrative journey in the life of a woman marine from enlistment, through boot camp at Parris Island, to honorable discharge.  A glimpse of the U.S. Marine Corps of the 60's during the Vietnam era.
Neither the United States Marine Corps nor any other component of the Department of Defense has approved or endorsed or authorized this product, service, activity in any way.  This is a personal web site for and about  military women written by a woman veteran.
Copyrightę  2001-2003, SJD,  Winghaven Web Design.  All rights reserved worldwide.
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NOTE:  The easiest way to navigate this web site on your first visit is to just follow the "NEXT" buttons at the bottom of each page to review the materials in the order  presented.  Some pages may be graphic intensive and a little slow to load.  Your patience is appreciated.  Thanks.
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